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Canada<br /> Applicants

Hajj 1440 / 2019 Brochure (Canada)Click here to view (pdf)
Hajj 1440 / 2019 – Details (Canada)Click here to view (pdf)

USA<br /> Applicants

Hajj 1440 / 2019 Brochure (US) – (Coming Soon)

UK<br /> Applicants

Hajj 1440 / 2019 Brochure (UK) – (Coming Soon)

Hajj Packing List – 2017 (pdf download)

Medical Advice for Hujjaj (pdf download)

Medical Information Questionnaire (Electronic)

Hajj Niyyah Card (pdf download)

Salaatul Layl (pdf download)

Salaatul Mayyit (pdf download)

Hajj Seminar – June 2012 (YouTube Video)

Hajj Tips – June 2012

Hajj Masaael – June 2012

Phyiscal Aspects of Hajj – by Shahin

Medical Aspects of Hajj – by Dr. Mithani

Hajj Seminar 2010 – Video Presentation

HAJJ – Journey towards Allah – Production of TNM with HAC (1983) First Edition Nov 2007, Brampton. Canada – (movie requires QuickTime™ or equivalentApple QuickTime Player or equivalent)

Hajj Health Lecture (PowerPoint Presentation)

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